Tuesday, 19 April 2011

bringing back the bedjacket

Bedjacket based on original 1950's pattern, made with vintage green and gold embroidered quilted fabric, french seamed, with hand beaded collar (lined with mottled brown and purple satin). Beads are sourced from original 1950s jewellery, glass and ceramic.

A small collection of handmade bed jackets will shortly be introduced to the shop, I'm determined to revive them. They have scope for such beautiful decoration, they add a touch of glamour to the bedroom, and I can imagine the starlets of 1940s and 50s slipping them on in the evening whilst reading a classic in bed. These days they could be worn whilst watching secret films under the covers by candlelight, whilst sipping a hot tea dipping a homemade biscuit, or sitting outside on a summer evening devouring crumbly old books with stained pages as you try to reach the end before the light fades. Bed jackets are a romantic little secret that everyone should enjoy.

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