Friday, 4 June 2010


Guess what, I teach! Haha. If anybody wants to learn stuff about sewing and making awesome clothes, here I am:

Mega discounts for friends; will teach for pimms/buttons/chocolate/wool.

I am also to be found in St Lawrence's Textile Centre (a disused church FULL of vintage/knitwear/piles of wool/amazing designers- what more do you want?) in Norwich throughout this summer, teaching in particular, knitting, machine knitting, garment construction/sewing, and corsetry, here.

The amazing Anne Lavene, founder of St Lawrence and incredible knitwear designer mid lesson.

Lorna rocking the machines.

yum yum goodies.

Even if you don't want lessons you should definitely pop into the church because its incredible, we're on St Benedicts Street in Norwich, halfway down in...the big church. You can't miss us, opposite Prim vintage (and that has a polka dot front, so if you miss it you must be really blind).

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